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I have come among you
as one who serves.
Luke 22:27

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man and child at altar

St. Peter's shield - small The Acolyte Program

Of the one hundred and thirty-two middle and high school students in our parish, seventy young people have come forward to serve as acolytes this year.  St. Peter's is so proud of each and every one!  Under the teaching and supervision of Acolyte Master Jamey McClenny and Rector's Verger Gloria Mullins, the students learn to assist in our complex and beautiful Anglican liturgy.

Youth in 6th grade and above are eligible to serve as acolytes. Acolytes are trained to serve at God's altar in various roles: banner bearers, crucifers, torch bearers and thurifers. As some of these roles require more knowledge, experience and training than others, there is a program of study and training available for acolytes who wish to assume more responsibility. These accomplishments are recognized through a system of various ribbon colors, which help determine how the acolyte will serve. Each acolyte is assigned to a specific team which rotates through the morning service schedule. Although teams are formed in September, January, and June, a youth can join the program anytime during the year after receiving the required training.

Serving as an acolyte is a wonderful way to experience the beauty of liturgical worship; to get to know other St. Peter's youth and clergy and to grow in commitment to God.

For more information, please contact Jamey McClenny, the Acolyte Master at 545-1386 or by email at

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