Anglican Fourth Day

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 Anglican 4th DayTHE ANGLICAN FOURTH DAY MOVEMENT is a worldwide movement of the Christian church, which seeks to bring environments to Christ through Christian communities in action. Anglican 4th Day is designed to make it possible to live in what is fundamental to being a Christian -to live in union with Christ and to share Christ with others

The 4th Day Weekend and Welcoming Ultreya

The three-day weekend provides a living experience -meeting Christ and meeting fellow Christians and sharing Christ with them. During three days-Thursday evening through Sunday evening-those attending live and work together, listening to and discussing talks given by the clergy and laity. During the three days, the teachings of Christ are discussed in a climate of joy. The talks and discussions are interspersed with prayer, Eucharist, songs, recreation, laughter and moments of reflection and silence.

The resulting Christian community is a group of men and women who live the Christian life, linked with Christ and supporting one another in their environment. This support is found in two post-Fourth Day activities. Individuals meet frequently in small groups with close friends for mutual sharing, encouragement and support. The larger Anglican 4th Day Community comes together in monthly Ultreyas, meeting for worship, sharing and fellowship.

Anglican 4th Day Women's Weekend

May 1-4, 2014
Women from St. Peter's and other GAD churches retreat to Dowling Park for an amazing weekend. It's a relaxed time of listening to and discussing talks given by the clergy and laity, prayer, worship, songs, recreation, laughter and moments of reflection and quiet. It's a chance to get away from the everyday rush and spend time with God.


If you would like to sponsor a candidate applications are being accepted now.  Please contact us for the recently updated sponsor packet, St. Peter's A4D Coordinator and Assistant Lay Director for Gulf Atlantic Diocese A4D Jim Barnidge.

If you have been to a A4D weekend and would like to work on a team, download the application."