Anglicans for Life

St. Peter's shield - small Mission

Anglicans for Life is the only global Anglican ministry dedicated to inspiring the church to apply God's word to all life issues.  We advocate for  human life from conception to natural death through prayer, service and education.

Protect –God is the creator and protector of all life.  We pray for the church and all those who face life's most difficult choices.  We pray for God's presence and for His sovereign will in our lives.  Lord, may you fill each of us with Your strength, mercy and peace. 

Serve – We focus our practical support by providing volunteers and material needs to our local pregnancy centers.  We have committed financial support to a Christian transitional housing facility that provides up to two years of refuge for young women and their babies.  This facility is dedicated to a Christ centered life that will help these women on their path to independent living.  Lord, let us be blessed so that we may bless others.

Educate –We strive to equip people to develop a biblical response to issues that threaten human life.  We endeavor to broaden perspectives so that we may be empowered to stand against a culture that seeks to destroy God's creation.   Lord, may you give us eyes to see and ears to hear, so that we may walk in Your will.  


In January 2009 a chapter was established at St. Peter's Church.  To join St. Peter’s Chapter of Anglicans for Life and for ways to get involved, please contact Kelly Baudoind’ Ajoux at

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Our vision is to see God's Kingdom restored on earth; a world where every life is embraced and held in the esteem God intended through His Creation.

Anglicans for Life wants to extend the truth and love of Christ to all those who struggle with life decisions or who have been hurt by life choices.  We encourage anyone who seeks to know more or wishes to find the grace and mercy offered through our Lord Jesus Christ to please reach out to a member of our parish or to our clergy and staff.   Lord, bring the suffering and allow Your healing grace to be poured out upon them.

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Please join Anglicans for Life as we change lives for Christ through our practical and prayerful support of Hannah's Room.  

Hannah's Room is just one room in a new Christian transitional housing facilty in Tallahassee that will provide Christ centered living for women and their babies for up to two years.  Programs are firmly established that will ensure that these women get help with education funding, parenting skills, material needs and maternity services.  Anglicans for Life has taken stewardship of Hannah's room and is committed to our vision that this safe haven be fully funded through Christian ministries like ours.  Lord, let our efforts glorify You and may this ministry bring true salvation to all those who are touched by it. 



Dear Anglicans For Life, 

I wanted to thank you all for sponsoring me while I am living at Save One More Now in the room Hannah. My daughter Aubrie and I have been so blessed to have this ministry in our lives. I really appreciate all that you guys have done for me throughout this new journey in life. I really hope Aubrie and I can meet you all soon. I will be sending pictures of the baby as well. Thank you so much again. God bless each and everyone of you. 
Kathryn and Baby Aubrie :)

I would like to say thank you for the gifts for Paulo and I received today and last week. I am truly grateful to have people in my life that want to share these special moments with me and my fiancé. I am so over joyed by the love, support, and gifts that we have received by being under this program. I want to thank you for all of the many blessings you've help delivered to us. I also pray that God's favor will continue to rain upon you all. Thanks again.

Warmest Regards,
Robbie and Orlando 

St. Peter's shield - small WHY WE MUST CARE

Message from Bishop Lebhar

 Dear brothers and sisters,

There are events and ethical debates in our country that must not pass without Christian protest. The drift first toward abortion and now infanticide is unholy and terrifying.

Please read Bishop John Guernsey's letter below. 

For the Lord's and the children's sake,


+Neil Lebhar

Bishop Guernsey's Letter