Brehon House


Brehon House provides housing for homeless pregnant women and their infants in the Tallahassee area. These women and their newborns are provided the stable, nurturing, safe, warm and loving environment they so desperately need. They are provided pre and postnatal education, career counseling, encouragement to enroll in GED and other school rograms,assistance in finding permanent housing, individual case management, conflict resolution, infant care training, self esteem building, and an opportunity to bond with their newborn in a loving environment.

Join St. Peter’s to provide bible studies and home cooked meals for the residents. You can also provide diapers, wipes, maternity clothes,crib sheets, towels, bed linen, gently used baby clothes, and other household items. You can also provide your time to wash clothes. These woman come to the home with nothing and are asked to provide their own food and baby supplies.

If you would like to help bring hope and encouragement to the homeless pregnant women of Brehon House with Bible Studies, home cooked meals, maternity and baby supplies contact Corrie Melton For more information, please visit



Dear Members of the Early Years Ministry of St. Peter's Anglican Church,
I've wondered how I could possibly thank all of you for the support, prayers and understanding that you have shown towards Brehon Family Services, and especially the women and children of Brehon House. I wanted to make sure you all knew how much we all have appreciated everything you have done and continue to do. I write this on behalf of Jackie Malone, the Executive Director of Brehon Family Services, Shirley O'Rear, the Assistant Executive Director, the staff of Brehon House and most importantly, the women and children who have benefitted from your generosity, time and efforts. Fortunately, Corrie Melton provided me with the opportunity to get this message to you.
In addition to the many other things your group has brought to us, the Sunday Bible Study sessions have been a good consistent part of "life at Brehon" that continues on as the women move out with their new families and new ones move in. For the Bible Studies leaders, I hope you are still interested in continuing the mission. We thank you for your patience, understanding and flexible approach to sharing the Bible and becoming friends with the residents. This means more to them then you might know. For some of them, reading and discussing the Bible and just getting to know you gives them an opportunity to discuss feelings and thoughts that they might not otherwise have a chance to share. For others, it might be a reminder of happier times with parents or grandparents who spent time with them sharing Bible stories and lessons. Although not all of the women choose to participate, they are always made to feel welcome and know that the invitation is always there, if they change their mind.
So in closing, please know that your mission is a huge success and although you might not always feel as needed as you should or get a lot of feedback from the Moms at Brehon House, your work and friendship does matter to them. Whether the group on a particular Sunday consists of one or two women or six or seven, you are making a difference in their lives and for that, we are all very grateful!
Pam Wimpling
Volunteer Coordinator
Brehon Family Services, Inc