Customary for Ushers

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Ushers arrive approximately 30 minutes before the service. Service bulletins should be in baskets by front doors. Ushers hand out bulletins and greet congregation.

The procession will form on the front sidewalk. Ushers may need to open the double doors when the procession is ready to start.

Once the procession begins, latecomers may be seated ONLY during the Entrance Hymn, the Song of Praise and the Sequence Hymn.

Count the congregation as soon as feasible. Waiting until Offertory is too late.

The Entrance Rite

*Entrance Hymn (may seat people during this hymn)

Opening Acclamation (BCP 355)

Collect for Purity (BCP 355)

*Song of Praise (may seat people during this service music)

Collect of the Day

The Liturgy of the Word

The Old Testament Lesson


The New Testament Lesson

*Sequence Hymn (may seat people during this hymn)

The Gospel

The Sermon

The Nicene Creed (BCP 358)

The Prayers of the People, (BCP 385)

Confession of Sin (BCP 360)

The Peace (BCP 360)
The Ministers and People greet one another in the name of the Lord.


  • Have food basket ready
  • Write count of congregation on slip of paper
  • each Usher obtains an alms basin from closet
  • prepare to process up (4 or 6 Ushers)

The Holy Communion

At the Offertory

  • Four (Six, if transepts used) Ushers process up to front with alms basins
    • Process by 2’s
      • “inside” Ushers first
      • "outside" Ushers next
      • "transept" Ushers last

  • hand Acolyte congregation count on slip of paper.

  • two "inside" Ushers bow and walk to center aisle and begin passing basin
  • two "outside" Ushers bow and walk to outside aisle and begin passing basin
  • two transept Ushers bow and walk to transept(s) and begin passing basin


Presentation Hymn [OBLATIONS]

  • Family carries up Oblations. The verger will bring two acolytes to fill in for family if needed. If no acolytes, usher fills in.

  • Verger directs procession order (process during hymn)
    • Verger
    • People with bread and wine
    • Two Ushers
      - 1 with money in basket (left side)
      - 1 with basket of food (right side)

  •  At the Chancel Steps
    • People hand Oblations to priest (center) 
    • Usher with money basin steps to left and hands to Acolyte. 
    • Usher with food basket steps to right and hands to Acolyte.

  •  People/Ushers wait until priest turns back to altar with Oblations and they are raised and blessed. Then all turn and go. One Usher walks to [intentionally DELETED*] to safeguard money. If acolytes are serving as oblationers, they return to transept via transept door. If a family is serving as oblationers, they and remaining Usher walk back down outside aisle. HOWEVER, if there are people in the south transept, the remaining usher goes to that transept.

  • If someone needs communion brought to them in their pew, and if the usher has not told a priest prior to the service, the usher should be sure to tell priest when the usher comes to receive communion. The usher should then go and stand by the person to help identify the person for the priest.

The Great Thanksgiving

The Lord's Prayer (364)

The Breaking of the Bread (337)

Invitation to Communion

(only two Ushers needed) 

  • Two Ushers process up as soon as priest says, “The gifts of God for the people of God”

  • Acolytes/LEMs receive Communion at altar first. As they are receiving, the choir goes to the altar rail.

  • As the choir leaves the rail, the ushers can begin releasing pews. To prevent people “running to the altar”, it is better to release pews in such a manner as to have 8 to 10 people standing in the aisle waiting. This gives them time to walk in a sedate manner and have time to prepare themselves.

  • People in the transept do NOT go to the altar rail. The priest comes to the transept. The usher in the transept directs an orderly flow to the priest and LEM.

  • Ushers receive Communion at end of line.

The Dismissal

[Final Usher duties - Account for Offertory]

To avoid any possible misconceptions regarding the handling of money, there should always be two ushers handling the money.

  • Two ushers take money to [intentionally DELETED*] following procedure to count and secure the money

  • Two ushers collect all food brought and take to [intentionally DELETED*].

* Ushers, if you don’t have your own hard copy available, please contact Gloria Mullins at 850-701-0664, ext. 12, for specific locations and procedures.