Daughters of the Holy Cross

St. Peter's shield - small Easter Prayer Vigil

The Easter Prayer Vigil is for individuals to spend an hour in prayer, primarily but not exclusively, for the church. It starts at the end of the Maundy Thursday Vigil and concludes with the beginning of the Great Vigil of Easter service on Saturday, April 19. Praying may done at home or in a special Rood Chapel which will be set up at church.

Interested participants may sign up for 1 or more one-hour blocks for praying or four-hour blocks for providing security after dark. There are separate sheets to sign up for praying at home, praying at church, and for the safety gentlemen. Dates, times and instructions are included on the spreadsheets. If there any problems or questions, please call Karen Sampson at 850-212-8643 for assistance.

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Upcoming Meetings


  • January 7
  • February 4
  • March 4
  • April 8
  • May 6
  • June 3
  • July 1
  • August - No Meeting
  • September 2
  • October 7
  • November 4
  • December 2

Meets the first Tuesday of each month.
For more information, contact Joan West
 at (850) 591-9242
Chaplain: Fr. Jim Hampson.

The Daughters of the Holy Cross are dedicated to prayer, service, study and evangelism for His sake and meet regularly for worship, teaching and fellowship. As we are all called to prayer, service, study and evangelism,  all women of the parish are invited to become involved. For more information on the national organization, visit www.daughtershc.org.

St. Peter's shield - small Who are the Daughters of the Holy Cross?

The Daughters of the Holy Cross was constituted on September 1, 2009.  Previously, the Daughters were part of the Daughters of the King.

We are women who have committed our lives to the work and service of our Lord Jesus Christ.  We pray daily for our Church, its clergy, the Order and others in need.  We reach out to those who do not know Jesus to share His message of salvation through word and deed.  We wear the cross of the Order as a symbol of Jesus' sacrifice and our need for Him to be Lord of our lives.

To become a Daughter, a woman must be a communicant, be willing to participate in a 3 month discernment/study program, and publicly vow to live by the Rule of Life of the Order which has four parts:

  • Prayer - praying daily for the spread of Christ's Kingdom; for God's blessing upon members of the Order; for the clergy; and spiritual growth of the parish or mission to which she belongs..
  • Service - seeking daily to do the will of God in how we may use our God-given talents in His service for our church and others.
  • Study - taking part in the study of God's Word in order to gain wisdom, understanding, discernment and strength.
  • Evangelism - making a conscientious effort to bring others into a personal relationship with Christ through words and deeds.

A Daughter is also faithful in her personal devotional life through Bible or Christian spiritual studies, participation in quiet days, retreats, prayer groups and diocesan/provincial assemblies. For more information on the national organization, visit http://www.daughtershc.org/

Chapter Officers, 2013-14

President Joan West
President-elect Anne Smith
Treasurer Ann Schildt
Secretary Marjorie Holladay
Past-President Cheryl Jordan
Chaplain Fr. Jim Hampson

St. Peter's shield - small Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is The Order of the Daughters of the Holy Cross?
    The Order of the Daughters of the Holy Cross is a religious Order within the Anglican Church of North America and was instituted as an Order on September 1, 2009 at Holy Cross Anglican Church in Loganville, Georgia.  On October 6, 2009, the Petra Chapter of St. Peter's Anglican Church was installed as a charter chapter of The Order of the Daughters of the Holy Cross.
  2. What is the Purpose of the Order?
    To gather Anglican women and girls into a nurturing and empowering community called to be servants of Jesus as He unites and builds up His body, the Church.
  3. What is a Rule of Life?
    A Rule of Life is a guide for daily living - a tool to help us become the person God would have us be - by providing tangible expression to how we can love God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength and specifying ways in which we can love our neighbors as ourselves.
  4. Am I good enough to be a Daughter of the Holy Cross?
    Daughters are not members of a spiritual elite, but rather women who feel a need to conform their lives more closely to God’s will. The Order will help you strengthen your present religious life as you accept and follow the disciplines of a rule of life.
  5. How will being in The Order help to deepen my life as a woman?
    Through prayer, study and service, with like-minded women, Daughters find their minds and hearts turning from self to God.
  6. How does The Order differ from other church organizations?
    Many church organizations have their emphasis on service and socializing. Daughters share a common rule of life and they become aware of growing toward Christ together with their sisters in Christ. The outward sign of our discipline is the emblem of the Order (our cross) that we wear daily as a visible witness of a life committed to showing forth the life of Christ to all people.