A mature adult Anglican Christian is someone who….

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Ten Marks
of a
Commitment 1. Has made a personal commitment to Jesus as Lord and Savior (baptized and confirmed)
Active 2. Is active in the worship and fellowship of the Church
Understanding 3. Has a clear understanding of the Gospel and the Nicene/Apostles’ creeds
Study 4. Has a strong understanding of the Biblical story, and has made a commitment to on-going Bible study
Prayer 5. Is disciplined in daily prayer
Stewardship 6. Has made a commitment to sacrificial stewardship
Tradition 7. Has a basic understanding of Anglican history and tradition
Representative 8. Has come to understand him/herself as Christ’s representative in the world
Defending 9. Is comfortable sharing and defending the Faith in a secular context
Servant 10. Is involved in a servant ministry that uses his/her God-given spiritual gifts
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