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“I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven. ”
Matthew 16:19
A weekly news flyer for St. Peter's Anglican Church, Tallahassee, Florida


Office Hours
9:00 am– 5:00 pm

Sunday, April 13
Palm Sunday

Holy Eucharist  9:00 & 11:15 am
Sunday School, all ages 10:25 am
     Children’s Assembly :
     Square 1 Art 10:25 am

Book Cellar Open 10:25-11:15 am
5:00 pm Worship & Praise
(Our last in this church!)

College Pizza 6:30 pm

Monday, April 14
Mary & Martha Circle 10:00 am
Confession 12:30-2:00
Stations of the Cross 5:30 pm
Lenten Study 6:30 pm

Tuesday, April 15
Staff Meeting 9:00 am
Confession 12:30-2:00
Preschool Choir 5:00 pm

Wednesday, April 16
Confession 12:30-2:00
Book Cellar Open 11 am –1 pm
Eucharist/Healing 12:10 pm
Elementary Choir 4:30 pm
Youth Ensemble 5:15 pm
Middle School Youth Group 6:15

Thursday, April 17
Maundy Thursday Service  7:00 pm
The Watch 8:30 pm-Midnight

Friday, April 18
Good Friday Services 12:10 & 7:00 pm

Saturday, April 19
Altar Guild 9:00 am
Easter Egg Hunt, Duggars’ 11:00 am
Baptism Conference 4:00 pm
Great Vigil of Easter 8:30 pm



























Palm Sunday
April 13, 2014

Welcome, Newcomers & Visitors!

  • Greeters wearing a “Greeter” name badge and a white rose will be waiting on the lawn after services to find answers for your questions!   
  • Please write your address and phone number in the black book as it travels your row, so we can send you a letter of welcome.  
  • Come to the Visitors’ Table, immediately to your left as you exit the Church.  You will receive the gift of a St. Peter’s mug!
  • Remember, you don't  have to be a member to get involved!  Ask about volunteer and education opportunities at the Newcomer or Parish Life Table. Sign up for a nametag at the Parish Life Table, and it will be waiting for you next Sunday.  Pick  up a free sticker for the back of your  car on the lawn today!

Holy Week & Easter
Stations of the Cross

Guidance through the 14 Stations of the Cross is offered Monday in Holy Week. Gather under the carport at 5:30pm. 

Private Confession
The Sacrament of Reconciliation is available on the first three days of Holy Week April  14, 15 and 16, from 12:30-2:00. No appointment is necessary.  Come sit in the back of the church and a priest will come for you.

Vigil v. Vigil
Actually, there is no contest—the Vigils work very much together!

  • The Great Vigil of Easter is a beautiful church service with ancient origins.  It begins in darkness at 8:30 pm on Saturday, April 19, Easter Eve.  Mid-service, candles and bells announce the Resurrection and the coming of the Light of Christ!  This “counts” as the first mass of Easter, so this can be your Easter service. A late-night reception breaking the fast of Lent features chocolate strawberries & champagne.
  • The Easter Prayer Vigil is explained below.  It is a three-day (and night) focused prayer event created by The Daughter of the Holy Cross, our “resident prayer warriors.”

Easter Prayer Vigil
The Parish Easter Prayer Vigil sign-up sheets are available at the Parish Life Table outside the front door of the church.  All are invited to sign up to pray at a particular time (at home or at the church) from the Maundy Thursday evening service until the Saturday evening Easter Vigil Service. Sign up  on the website ( and follow the prompts) or call Joan West 591-9242 or Karen Sampson 212-8643. We also need men to sign up to be safety guardians at the church Thursday and Friday nights. Taking any part in such a vigil is a moment of great holiness.

Holy Week & Easter Services
Maundy Thursday
Thursday April 17, 7:00 pm

Good Friday
Friday, April18,12:10 and 7:00 pm

The Great Vigil of Easter
Saturday, April 19, 8:30 pm

Easter Day
Sunday, April 20 9:00 and 11:15 pm
(No incense at 9:00 am)
No 5:00 pm service

Easter Lilies and Glorious Music will bless our final Easter services in our cozy Midtown church!  Find an envelope in your pew to donate toward lilies and instrumentalists for Easter, April 20. Your gift can be given in honor or memory of any loved one.  To be included in the Easter service sheet, submit your dedication by Tuesday, April 15.

The St. Peter’s Artisans now have a mission statement and a web page ( and would like to feature art pieces created within our church community. Our parish is filled with talented artists! If you are creating items for the new church (banners, altar linens, carvings, etc.), please e-mail photos of your completed work to post on the web page.  Photos and comments can go to Vanessa Zein-Eldin at

National Day of Prayer
Thursday, May 1, 2014
Worship 11:30 am—Noon
Prayer service Noon—1:15 pm
22nd floor of State Capitol Building

Early Years Ministry Will Host a Baby Shower to celebrate the birth of our new Church Nursery! You are invited to come on Saturday, April 26, from 10:30 am to noon in our current Nursery. Brunch will be provided by our Early Years families. Our Nursery Staff will  unwrap your gifts.  Bring the whole family for fellowship and fun.  Everyone in the parish is invited to help stock our new nursery! We are registered at Target - search the registry for Tracey Hess for the list. 

Mary & Martha Meeting
All women are invited to meet at 10:00 tomorrow morning, Monday, April 14, at the home of Carol Long, 2508 Garrison Street.  Gloria Mullins will speak on “Weddings at St. Peter’s”.  You don’t have to be a member to come and enjoy our fellowship!

Healing Nights
If you’re struggling with physical, emotional, or spiritual issues, receive confidential prayer from a team of trained and committed prayer intercessors at walk- in prayer clinic  held on the first Thursdays of the month at Good Shepherd Catholic Church, 7:00-9:00pm and the third Thursdays, 7:00-9:00pm at Killearn Methodist Church. Call Tallahassee Healing Prayer Ministries, 385-9164.

Ready for Your Close Up
We’ll still try to assemble our photo directory before your newborn goes to college!  If you haven’t had your photo taken by John Schmidt by the fountain on the lawn between the morning services, please try to do so soon.  As the weather gets springier, it’s more pleasant to pose and smile!

Encounter With God (April—June)
The daily devotional that has captured many hearts is available in the Book Cellar for $5.00.

Upcoming Baptism Dates
June 8   Pentecost
              9:00 & 11:15 am, 5:00 pm

August 10 9:00 & 11:15 am, 5:00 pm

Contact Anne Wright,, to arrange Baptism for yourself or your child.

Spring Anglican Fourth Day weekends are almost here! The Men's Weekend, led by Bob Mullins, is April 24 - 27 ; the Women's Weekend, led by Pat Barnidge, is May 1 - 4.  Other team members from our church include Father Michael Petty, Doug Ingram, George Allen, Everett Yarbrough, Bob Whittier, Bobby Carrouth, Stan Mattick, and Glenda Roudabaugh.  The weekends are a delightful mix of worship, instructive Christian talks, personal renewal and reflection, singing, fellowship and laughter, great food, and an overall wonderful ,spiritual time together.  If you would like to know more about Anglican Fourth Day, contact any of those current team members or Jim, Barnidge, A4D St. Peter's coordinator

New Church “Housekeeping”
An Affordable Gift
A $20 Hymnal is a gift to the new church we can all afford.  A bookplate with your dedication can be affixed to the front page of the book.  Contact Diane Biederman,

Columbarium niches are still available at construction prices until the church moves in five or six weeks. Once you commit to the purchase of your niche(s) and pay a deposit, you have a year to pay off your balance!

More Church Furnishings Available

  • Wrought iron double prayer desk for crypt columbarium  $2000
  • Incense Boat & Spoon - $200

Contact Diane Biederman at to donate one of these items

“Later” is NOW!
If you purchased church furnishings for the new building, and said, “I’ll figure out my dedication later” . . .  the time has come!  The list of dedications in honor and memory of loved ones is now being compiled and prepared for the Consecration service sheet.  Please send your dedication ASAP to

Yard Signs & Car Magnets
God’s church is on the move—and spreading the Word!  Evangelize without words by purchasing car magnets ($5) and yard signs ($10) in the office or on the lawn!

Paver Project
Purchase an engraved brick paver to honor people and occasions—and to help with the new church building!  You should have received a letter in the mail last week, but there are extras at the Parish Life Table if you did not.  At $150 per brick, you can be part of a pathway to the church for generations! Please note that this is an ongoing project; you can purchase bricks on down the road, next year or in ten years, as occasions arise.

Missions and Outreach
Hungry for Food . . . to Give Away!
Our partner in local mission, Good News Outreach, is experiencing a food shortage, as are other charitable organizations in town. Please bring non-perishable food items through Lent to bless hungry neighbors in our community.  Donations may be put in the big donation box in the Sunday School hallway.

Mite Boxes
Is it working out well to curb a craving for an occasional “first world luxury” during Lent?  The Sunday after Easter, April 27, return your box to the church. 100% of your gift will go to Uganda for our Orphans!

Summer Camp Offers Fine Arts! 
“Note” the date! Fine Arts Camp will reprise the week of August 4-8 for children in rising K-6th grades. Registration forms are now available and online for fine arts camp! You can also pick up a form at the Parish Life Table outside this morning. Take advantage of the early registration discount available through May 4! Contact Debbie Garven with any questions.

Children’s Ministry
There will be no Children's Worship this week for either service.  If your child is in first grade, bring them upstairs to worship with you.  Kindergarten or younger are welcome to check into our nursery during service.  We will return to Children's Worship in the NEW church!

TODAY, please have your child attend Sunday school!! We are completing a Square 1 Art Project and the art will be featured in the new church.  They (and you) won't want to miss this opportunity. Join us for Sunday School 10:25-11:05 am

Egg –straordinary Egg Hunt
Saturday, April 19, 11:00 am,

at the Duggars’ home
1890 Witchtree Acres
off of Ox Bottom Road.

A lunch of grilled hotdogs will follow. Bring a side dish or dessert to share (Especially side dish—there will, of course, be plenty of sweets already!) RSVP to With the number in your party/family so we have a head count for the event.

Registration for Vacation Bible School continues online! Our theme: “Wilderness Adventure: Moses in the Desert.”  

Prayers for the Military
Please pray for: Lance Asher, Ryan Asher, Abraham Blocker, Adam Blocker, Liz Borelli, Josh Brown, David Chichetti, Alex Clifford, Ben Clifford, Cole Cochran, Bruce Crooks, Jon C. Davis, Jamie Dilworth, Ryan Dozier, Eric Evans, Mark Evans, Sean Gallagher, Colin Hightower, Brantly Kilpatrick, Alex Lawrence, Van Lovett, Matt Miller, Adam Nestor, Don Penn, Robert Peterson, Andrew Raich, Garrett Searle, Bradford Smith,  Kurt Spitzer, Jr., Walt Stanish, Walter Stanish, Tyler Sumners, Zack Tannen, Parry Alex Thomas, Buddy Vollertsen, Woody Vollertsen, Griffin Williams, Ryan Williams, Scotty; the wounded, families, caregivers.

The St. Peter’s Book Cellar is open between the morning services! 

We have wonderful children’s books for Easter gifts, and a wide choice of beautiful cross jewelry.

The Book Cellar will be closed after Easter in preparation for moving to the new church!!!!!!

Prayers for individuals are found ONLY in print copies, available in Sunday service bulletins, or from the parish office. To obtain a print copy, contact the Parish Office at (850) 701-0664. For more information, please refer to St. Peter's Privacy Policy.

The deadline for The Keys is Wednesday at noon.  All submissions must be in writing, and may be brought or sent to the Parish Office or e-mailed to  Verbal and telephone submissions cannot be honored.

The St. Peter’s Book Cellar is open between the morning services today!

Weekday Book Cellar hours!! 
Open between the Sunday morning services
Mondays and Wednesdays from 10:00 am—12:00 pm

As construction progresses, continue to pray HARD for the St. Peter’s building process, that we may stay in God’s will.

     Almighty God  and Father, the heavens cannot contain you, yet you are pleased to dwell in our midst; accept our desire to build for you a dwelling place to the honor of your Name and for the benefit of your People.
     We have journeyed into the wilderness, here to build our future  on the solid ground of the Gospel of Christ.  We now depend on your guidance, inspiration and grace in building a church that will be a symbol of your Presence, a vessel of your Truth, and a witness to your Love  from generation to generation.
     Bless our efforts, O Lord! Through them, may those who have ears to hear know the Good News of Jesus Christ our Savior. Let all people called into this holy fellowship find a place of spiritual rest and growth.
     In deep commitment, we offer this our prayer to you, who as Father,  Son and Holy Spirit, live and reign for ever and ever. AMEN.


 The deadline for The Keys is Wednesday at noon. All submissions must be in writing. and may be brought or sent to the  Parish Office or e-mailed to Sorry, verbal and telephone submissions cannot be honored.