Program Guide, Winter-Spring 2014

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Early in the book, The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe (part of C. S. Lewis’ “Chronicles of Narnia”), the children have just begun to realize the horrible evil that has cast a shroud of darkness over the Narnian world. Paralyzed by fear Peter says, “Is there nothing we can do?” to which Mrs. Beaver responds, “We can hope!” And then Mr. Beaver says, “There’s a right bit more than hope... Aslan’s on the move!”

I love this scene for the strength it gives me in the struggles of this life. As we are being overcome by the daily struggles of a fallen world, it is so important to remember that there is more than hope… God is on the move! The Resurrection Power of our Lord Jesus Christ, through the Holy Spirit, is with us to give us the strength we need; to lead us forward; to join us together as God’s People throughout the world empowered to be His Presence, to do His will!

When I think of the short, and rather miraculous history of St. Peter’s, and of that church that God has led us to build on the north side of town I feel that God is indeed ON THE MOVE! I have no doubt that He has raised us up, bound us together, and established that beautiful, and dramatic symbol of Orthodox Christian Faith that is the new church. And now, it is time for us to join Him... on the move! Being a bold and loving witness to His Truth in that new neighborhood.

We will move into the new church sometime late this Spring, and as a witness to what God has accomplished, and the faith of His people, we will have a Grand Procession from the current church building to the new building. With acolytes, priests, and choir, vested and carrying crosses and banners, leading what I hope will be a great throng of St. Peter’s members to walk the 6.4 miles across town. GOD’S CHURCH ON THE MOVE! I will write a letter about this Grand Procession and other opportunities as we move closer to that date.

In a way, this move is the planting of a new church. Many in the northeast part of Tallahassee have no knowledge of St. Peter’s; we will be an entirely new church in their neighborhood. This is a great opportunity for St. Peter’s to be a warm, welcoming, light of Christ in that community. We will create a dozen different ways to reach out into the neighborhoods of the northeast; to become good neighbors with the churches in the area; to reach out to those who do not know the Lord and those who struggle with the hardships of this life. I hope you will be a part of this effort in every way you can.

Please pray for the completion of the church; pray for our move; and, be involved in the on-going ministry of St. Peter’s as a way to build up the Body so that we together can be ON THE MOVE!

By God’s Grace,

Eric D. Dudley+




Download the St. Peter's Winter-Spring 2011 Program Guide
Winter-Spring 2014 Program Guide
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Get Connected / St. Peter's Foundation (p. 25)
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Pastoral Care and Prayer (p. 28)
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Parish Life Calendar (pp. 30-31)
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Clergy, acolytes and choirs will lead a joyful procession from our current church to the new church, beaming and beautiful on the hill. Walk, run or park your car along the way and join in the 6.4 miles as this St. Peter’s presence continues to grow in this community.
Listen out for a date!