Carol Long

Carol Long
Director, Seminary Internships

Carol Long
Director, Seminary Internships
(850) 519-1998

St. Peter's has a strong history of supporting seminarians.  It has had a Seminarian Internship program since it's founding.  In addition, many St. Peter's parishioners seeking a vocation in God's church have gone off to seminary.

St. Peter's shield - small Summer Seminary Fellows

For several years during the summer, St. Peter's has hosted a divinity student from Duke Divinity School to give him or her practical experience in the operation of a large parish. Now, St. Peter’s serves not only as a teaching parish for students from Duke University Divinity School, but also Trinity School for Ministry and Nashotah House Theological Seminary. The student is placed with us in the summer for ten weeks and participates in the life and ministry of St. Peter’s. Working under the supervision of St. Peter’s clergy and Carol Long, our Fellows are able to experience parish ministry in its fullness so as to be better able to discern his or her calling.

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St. Peter’s has seven parishioners seeking a vocation in God's church: Matthew Wilkins, graduate of Duke Divinity School, Damon Gibbs, graduate of Asbury Theological Seminar, Nicholas Krause, attending Duke Divinity School, Evan Simington, attending Nashotah House Theological Seminary, and Taylor Bodoh, Chase Campbell, and Chris Moore, attending Trinity School for Ministry. In addition, catch up on our former seminarians.

St. Peter's shield - small Ordinations

Ordination of Damon Gibbs and Matthew Wilkins
On Saturday, January 11, 2014, at 2:00 pm, Bishop Neil Lebhar ordained to the diaconate Damon Gibbs and Matthew Wilkins. It is a joy to present the newest clergy associated with the Gulf Atlantic Diocese!


Ordination of Aaron Harrison and Joseph Ananias
On Saturday, June 8, 2013, at 2:00 pm, Bishop Neil Lebhar ordained to the diaconate Aaron Montgomery Harrison and Joseph Daniel Ananias. Both men had served as Summer Duke Fellows at St. Peter's in Tallahassee, and returned to St. Peter's for discernment and ordination.